Endless Grades: Pixel Saga OFFICIAL SITE


Adventure with your legion of pixel knights to explore fantasy worlds!Retro Pixel Art Style
Super high draw rates
100+ Unique heroes to collect
Tame, train & evolve your Monsters

A Classic RPG with Pixel Arts

Key Features

Collect and Evolve: Gather a diverse cast of heroes and evolve them to full potential.

Collect & Evolve

Gather a diverse cast of heroes and evolve them to their full potential.

Explore & Conquer

Explore Nine Realms and Conquer Epic Bosses with your pixel knights.

Connect & Befriend

Connect with millions of players over the world to share your stories.

About LightCore Games

We are a group of game enthusiasts from Fujian. Endless Grades: Pixel Saga is our first game. We received tons of warmest encouragement and kindest suggestions about the game when we cast a small scale of testing before. We have improved a lot and put more contents into it and hope more and more players like Endless Grades too. Of Course, if you have any questions, problems or good ideas, please feel feel free to tell us by emailing us or talking with us at Facebook.

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